Our Story

It All Started With a Trip to Denmark

On a business trip to Denmark, after dining at a street cafe, I asked if they had any toothpicks.  Like a lot of people, I have a problem with food getting lodged between my teeth on a regular basis.  I was pointed to a glass with wrapped toothpicks in it.  I grabbed a couple toothpicks and instantly noted they were not conventional wooden toothpicks I was familiar with.  These were unique, individually wrapped plastic toothpicks! I grabbed 2-3 toothpicks (extras for later), and walked away.  As I used this unique toothpick, I was amazed at how much better it was than any wooden toothpick I had always used in the past.  I was literally blown away with how well it worked for cleaning food particles from my teeth.  I also have two bridges in my teeth, and it worked amazingly well for cleaning food particles trapped under my bridges.  In fact, I was so impressed, I went back the next day and grabbed several more to take home with me.  Thus my obsession with this new, amazing plastic toothpick.

Once home, I decided to try and find out where I could buy these in the USA.  I could not find them anywhere...  I searched the internet in every way possible, every store I thought might carry them, but with no success. At that point I was glad I took some extras from the cafe in Denmark.  I literally carried one or two toothpicks in my wallet everyday thereafter, so I had this great toothpick to use when I needed one, versus the now totally unacceptable wooden toothpicks in every restaurant in the United States.

As several years past, I was still determined to figure out where I could buy these toothpicks.  After many many hours of searching the internet, I finally located a distributor of the toothpicks in Europe and called them.  They said they did not sell to the public, let alone ship them to the USA.  After much begging and pleading, they agreed to refer me to the actual manufacturer of the toothpicks.  I contacted the manufacturer, and they agreed to send me some free samples in the mail.  That is when I started discussions of allowing me to import these into the United States.  After many months of exchanging many emails, I established an agreement for exclusive distribution rights here in the United States.  I created my private label USA brand of PerfectPick, and as they say, the rest will be history.  My goal is to obsolete wooden toothpicks in restaurants and general consumer use in the upcoming several years.  Eventually, these toothpicks will be found everywhere, from restaurants and hospitality locations, to retail locations across the USA.